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Bring your book idea to life with Space Whale's Writing and Self Publishing Course.

Join us over 8 weeks at Kincumber Neighbourhood Centre and get your book project off the ground.

You may be at ANY stage of a writing or creating a book.
The project can be any genre:

Graphic novel
Children's book
Short stories
Script for stage and screen

This course will help you get your ideas on the page and ready to publish.
People of all abilities are welcome.

<< Course Overview >>

Each session contains:
* A guided activity, to overcome creative blocks and tap into imagination.

* An hour for focused project writing and creating.

* One on one mentoring with the facilitator.

* A group check in and reflection on individual projects.

Why join?

- Creative self-expression is therapeutic and sparks joy. find your voice, practice using your voice, learn the skills you need to share it with the world.

- Join a creative community, where you are supported in your creative practice.

- You have a guaranteed time and space for working on your project. Setting up consistent practice.

- Everyone is working on their project at the same time, and you can’t use the same excuses as you might at home.

- Weekly check-ins create in built accountability, helping you to achieve your creative goals

- Build a creative network, people to come to your book launch and tell others about your book.

About the facilitator

Liz is an author, artist, filmmaker, community facilitator and independent publisher.
After the release of her first book, The Art of Self-Compassion she wanted to use her knowledge and skills to support other artists to bring books into the world.
Her business Space Whale has supported two other writers to publish their work.

Liz is excited to see more creative projects come to life through this course.


May 8
May 15
May 22
May 29
June 5
June 12
June 19
June 26


* $200 for full course
* $160 concession
Payment plans available


Liz McCarthy for bookings are further info.
phone: 0416 785 044
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.