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Our mission is to be the heart and hub of the community, by providing a safe environment, and opportunities, where the community can come together to connect, create, learn and support. We do this through providing programs, advocacy, information and referrals for all members of our community.

We achieve this by:

  • Information and referral here at the centre - we have an attitude of "if we don't know we will find out".
  • Advocacy.
  • Social support and networks - we try to provide as many different opportunities as possible to cater to the different needs of our community.
  • Opportunities to learn and connect.
  • Health and well-being programs - at the core of everything is a sense of well-being.
  • Community events - we have a strong commitment to engaging with our community.
  • Community space - we pride ourselves on providing a multi-purpose, safe and attractive environment for our community to use.
  • Community development research.
  • Our varied programs.