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Inamojo Aloka and the Wolves

"Children are feeling stresses of our family & school life, not just adults, but do we give them the tools & time to relax, chill and find joy in the magical side of life, to keep them inspired, creative & full of hope.


A deep calling here to help provide as many children, as possible, with a map and some tools and skills, to assist children to find joy, in a fun magical supportive & self expressive environment.

I offer magical story dance journeys & creative art expression for 5-8yr olds. 

My next workshop story for September school holidays, will be a journey to a magical land to meet a little girl call Aloka & her adventure with some wonderful wolves & a friendly Dragon called Naga".



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Event Date 15-January-2018 10:00 am
Kincumber Neighbourhood Centre
1/20 Kincumber Street
Kincumber Neighbourhood Centre

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